Tutti Frutti Celebrates 30 years of Bonaire Music

Promoting Bonaire’s art, music, and cultural heritage:

Stichting voor Kunst en Cultuur van Bonaire

Fundashon pa Arte i Kultura Bonaire

The Bonaire Art & Culture Foundation


Preserving Bonaire’s Art & Music


Tutti Frutti

Sentro Tuturutu

Duo Fest

Preserving Bonaire’s Cultural Heritage


Museo Chich’i Tan

School Cultural Program

Our Foundation’s Goals for 2020 and 2021:

The Foundation for Art and Culture of Bonaire has set many goals to stimulate our young talented artists, musicians, and dancers during the 2020-2021 period by organizing various activities.

The goals include forming an Artists Society Office and a multi-functional study for Music, Dance, Theatre, Art and Comedy.

We shall also organize cultural exchange events involving our island of Bonaire with Curacao, Aruba, St. Martin, The Netherlands, Cuba, Suriname, and the U.S.A.

What we’ve accomplished, and what we strive to accomplish, during 2019 and 2020.

1. Vocal & Music Courses

We have provided vocal and music courses for children between 8 to 14 years.

2. Vehicle purchase to transport children.

We purchased a second-hand bus to transport the children from other neighborhoods to and from Rincon to attend the music and art classes at Sentro Tuturutu.

3. Purchase of necessary office equipment.

Other purchases include a copy machine, color printer, digital whiteboard, notebooks, paper, paper cutter, etc. for daily office use and for usage during the vocal and music classes at Sentro Tuturutu.

Donations are always welcome and needed to continue the foundation’s work.  Contact diadiarte2011@gmail.com for additional information if you are able to help.

4. DuoFest for local singing and composers.

We have organized the yearly DuoFest promoting the island’s talented singers and composers for over 20 years! The winners of the DuoFest have represented Bonaire at the Caribbean Gospel or the Caribbean Song Festival.

5. Create the Plasa O.E. Sint Jago

 We plan to build “Plasa O.E. Sint Jago” in a walk of fame-style with stars embedded in the sidewalk of Kaya Guyaba in honor of the artists of Bonaire, such as Augustin Kroon, Anna Thode, Felipi Sint Jago, and more.  The Plasa will be used for cultural events, storytelling, and other events.

6. Theatre and Study for Music, Dance, Theatre Arts, and Comedy

 We will build a multifunctional Theatre and a Study for Music, Dance, Theatre Art & Comedy for the Bonairean youth.

7. National Choir of School Children

National Choir of school children is undergoing training to perform at special events throughout the year on Bonaire.

8. Monthly Cultural Events

We hold monthly cultural events at Museo Chich’i Tan in recognition of local Bonairean artists. We plan to renovate this museum, which is located at Kaya Milon No. 4 in Rincon.

9. Cultural Exchange with the European Netherlands

We’ve planned cultural exchanges with the European Netherlands on Bonaire’s Flag Day with the folkloric music group Tutti Frutti.

10. Publish a book dedicated to outstanding artists.

 We aim to publish a book as a documentation of the most outstanding artists from Bonaire.

11. Documenting Musical Folklore

We will be recording and documenting musical folklore groups including Kanta Boneiru and the National Choir with different Bonairean youth and artists.

12. Dia di Arte

The foundation has organized over twenty Dia di Arte events (Art Day) promoting the work of local artists.